Remote Radiator Systems for Generator Sets

Remote Radiator Systems for Generator Sets

Engine driven generator set systems traditionally utilize a radiator and fan for transferring the heat from the engine coolant.  While  many generator sets have an engine mounted radiator and cooling fan, it is quite common for larger sets, particularly those located 
inside, to use a remote radiator system.

Generator Remote radiator diagram

The following factors can influence system designer to select a Remote Mounted Radiator System:

Space considerations 
When the generator location has a limited footprint the radiator system can be mounted remotely, such as a roof location.

For a generator set located in an area subject to noise restrictions, as the radiator fan is a principal noise source, remote mounting the radiator can take the fan noise away from the noise sensitive area. 

The generator installation, especially an inside location, requires adequate ventilation in order to provide sufficient air for cooling, combustion and removal of radiated heat from the generator set. When there are limitations as regards the amount of air that can be discharged into and from the generator location, by remotely mounting the radiator there is a 50% drop in the quantity of air required in the generator room. 

This article was extracted from  "Information Sheet # 20  Remote Radiator Systems for
Generator Sets" by Clifford Power. 

The below link will take you to the full information sheet. 

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