Basics of Electricity Course

Free Course on Electrical Theory

Welcome to the first course in the STEP 2000 series,  Siemens Technical Education Program.

The course is a FREE self-study Electrical Engineering course designed to increase your automation and control knowledge at your own pace.

These courses are a fantastic study guide for students and also serve as a useful refresher course for engineers who are a long time out of college. 

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This course covers the Basics of Electrical Theory and is  designed to prepare you for subsequent courses  provided by Siemens.

Upon completion of Basics of Electricity you will be able to:

• Explain the difference between conductors and insulators

• Use Ohm’s Law to calculate current, voltage, and resistance

• Calculate equivalent resistance for series, parallel, or series-parallel circuits

• Calculate voltage drop across a resistor

• Calculate power given other basic values

• Identify factors that determine the strength and polarity of a current-carrying coil’s magnetic field

• Determine peak, instantaneous, and effective values of an AC sine wave

• Identify factors that effect inductive reactance and capacitive reactance in an AC circuit

• Calculate total impedance of an AC circuit

• Explain the difference between real power and apparent power in an AC circuit

• Calculate primary and secondary voltages of single-phase and three-phase transformers

• Calculate kVA of a transformer

The course contents are listed below 

Part 1 Contains:

Electron Theory 

Conductors, Insulators and Semiconductors 

Electric Charges 




Simple Electric Circuit

Ohm’s Law

DC Series Circuit 

DC Parallel Circuit 

Series-Parallel Circuits 




Introduction to AC 

Part 2 Contains:

AC Generators 


Voltage and Current 



Inductive and Capacitive Reactance 

Series R-L-C Circuit 

Parallel R-L-C Circuit 

Power and Power Factor in an AC Circuit 


Three-Phase Transformers 

Review Answers 

Final Exam 

This course has been developed by Siemens and can be downloaded from the below link. 

Download the Free Course Book Part 1 Here

Download the Free Course Book Part 2 Here

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