Basics of Electrical Products Course

Free Course on Electrical Theory

Welcome to the second course in the STEP 2000 series,  Siemens Technical Education Program.

The course is a FREE self-study Electrical Engineering course designed to increase your automation and control knowledge at your own pace.

These courses are a fantastic study guide for students and also serve as a useful refresher course for engineers who are a long time out of college. 

Electrical Towers
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This course covers the Basics of Electrical Products 

This course covers the Basics of Electrical Products 

Upon completion of Basics of Electrical Products you will be able to:

 Explain how power is distributed from a power distribution  
plant to various residential, commercial, and industrial  facilities

• Explain how devices are used in basic residential, commercial, and industrial applications

• Explain the similarities and differences between load centers, panelboards, switchboards, switchgear, and secondary unit substations

• Identify various products used in discrete parts manufacturing, assembly, batch processing, and continuous processing

The course contents are listed below 

  • Electric Power
  • Residential Applications
  • Commercial Applications 
  • Industrial Applications
  • Manufacturing Applications 
  • Discrete Parts Manufacturing 
  • Assembly Processes 
  • Batch and Continuous Processes 
  • Pictorial Glossary 

This course has been developed by Siemens and can be downloaded from the below link. 

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