Lightning Surge Protection for Electronic Equipment

A Practical Guide 

Voltage surges are momentary increases in the normal working voltage of a  system. Sometimes referred to as ‘spikes’, ‘overvoltages’ or ‘transients’, these  surges can affect power cables, data/telephone cables and instrumentation  wiring, causing anything from data loss to the total destruction of equipment. 

Lightning Striking
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Typical causes include fluorescent light switching, blown fuses and nearby  lightning activity , the last of these being potentially the most dangerous. Lightning storms are on the increase globally — including the UK where more  than 420,000 lightning strikes to ground were recorded in 1994.  Also on the  increase is industry’s reliance on sensitive electronic instrumentation, computers and communication networks. These make uneasy bedfellows as lightning-induced voltage surges damage or destroy delicate equipment with all 
the consequent costs associated with repairs, replacements and downtime.     

This article was extracted from " Lightning Surge Protection for Electronic  Equipment - A Practical guide"  by EATON 

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