Software Suite e-Design by ABB

What is e-Design

A single software suite instead of four separate tools! With e-Design, ABB now offers a new software solution that enables complete planning of electrotechnical systems with just one access.

The integration of the proven tools DOC, CAT, EDS PowerCon and StriePlan into the integrated software suite e-Design offers multiple added value in the entire planning process of switchgear: 

Electrical systems are dimensioned safely, products, accessories and costs can be determined quickly, switchgear can be configured in minutes and the Detailed planning and standard-compliant documentation simply realized - with only one system.

  • Common file format DOC, CAT, EDS PowerCon and StriePlan
  • All device and housing systems integrated
  • Selection and configuration of products and accessories
  • Configuration and dimensioning of electrical systems
  • Creation of offers and documentation


  • 4 interconnected modules, accessible at all stages of the project
  • Project can be reused by everyone involved


  • Product and switchgear configurations can be stored, duplicated and edited
  • Calculation of single-line diagrams and automatic dimensioning of ladders, control and protection equipment


  • Draw single-line diagrams with predefined macros
  • Guided configuration of switchgear and products


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