Available Fault Current Calculator

Easily Calculate Available Fault Current 

The Available Fault Current Calculator is a simple-to use mobile and web-based application that calculates single- and three-phase system fault current levels. FC2 is free and available for all Apple iPhones, iPads, and Android mobile devices. It allows contractors, engineers, electricians and electrical inspectors to quickly and easily determine available fault current levels anywhere in an electrical distribution system. FC2 has English, Spanish and French modes to address local language and equipment marking requirements.

(Photo Credit Eaton Bussmann)

The NEC requires equipment, such as industrial control panels, machinery and general equipment, not be installed in locations where the available fault current exceeds the equipment’s short-circuit current rating. The amount of fault current can vary within a facility, depending on the source transformer, conductor types and lengths, motor contribution and other factors. It is important that the available fault current be known to ensure the equipment installation is compliant with NEC requirements.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Makes point-to-point calculations easy. 
  • Calculate three-phase and single-phase faults
  • Generates NEC 110.24 compliant labels, one-line diagrams, and documents the calculations. 
  • Features fuse sizing guide for main, feeder and branch circuits. 
  • Available for Apple and Android mobile devices. 
  • Works with or without a network connection. 
  • Also available on-line in a web-based version.

(Photo Credit Eaton Bussmann)

The Eaton’s Bussmann® series FC2 Available Fault Current Calculator can be accessed from the below link. 

Access The Free Software Here

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